Privacy and cookies

Privacy statement

Your privacy is very important to us. We therefore process and secure your personal data carefully. We handle your (personal) data with care and adhere to the relevant laws and regulations. In this privacy statement, we explain which personal data we process and the purposes for which you can provide us with your personal data.


The purpose of personal data collection and processing


Personal data may be provided to us in order to record data relevant to your order.

When you order something, we ask for your first and last name, your address, telephone number and email address. With this data we can:

●      Ensure that your order is delivered to the right address;

●      Determine how you want to pay;

●      Determine whether the payment has been successful.


The security of your personal data

For the security of your personal data, specific privacy requirements apply to our employees. They all have to sign for confidentiality and to confirm that they have read the privacy statement and the data breach clause.

The security of your personal data in the provision of services is further ensured on a 'need to know' basis and access to your personal data is granted only to those persons who are actually working on your request.


Employees are also obliged to report any loss of personal data (a data breach) as soon as possible.

Both your written and digital personal data are secured in accordance with the minimum legal requirements. We do not keep orders with your personal data for longer than 5 years.


When personal data is no longer needed, your personal data will be destroyed or returned.


Your rights under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)


Use the "data subject rights form" to exercise your rights as a data subject under the GDPR. You have the following rights under the GDPR:

-       right to access to your personal data;

-       right to deletion;

-       right to correction or limited use of the collected and processed data;

-       right to data portability.


We will process your requests within the statutory time limits and apply the legal options to either grant or deny your request(s). If we reject your request, we will give reasons for doing so.


Would you like to know exactly what data we have stored, or have your data amended or deleted from our database? Please send an email to to request the 'data subject rights form' and/or any other information.


Visiting our website or online store


When these web pages are visited, the following data are automatically stored and processed in a protocol for the purpose of delivering the service: Date and time that the page is requested, URL of the request, browser used (user agent), success or failure of the request (request status), size of data received and transmitted, runtime.


This data must be processed for technical reasons in order to make the service available; the data may also be used to compile internal system and usage statistics. However, this does not include data that can be traced back to specific individuals. Pseudonyms are used for statistics which are compiled for the purpose of adapting the website to user requirements.


Temporary cookies are used when visiting these web pages. Cookies are stored in your browser to increase the quality of the service. The cookies used are known as "session cookies" and they automatically expire after the browser is closed and are deleted according to the browser settings. You can prevent the use of cookies in general by setting this in your browser. This may limit the functionality of the web pages though.


The types of cookies used by our web pages are:


Functional cookies

Functional cookies ensure that all the features of the website work properly. For example, we make sure that our website remembers what you put in your shopping basket.

Analytical cookies

We use programmes such as Google Analytics and Hotjar to analyse the behaviour of our visitors. How do people click through the site? Which pages do they leave from? Which pages are popular? This allows us to improve our website and make it even more customer-friendly.

Marketing cookies

We advertise our products just like any other business. We prefer to do this in the most targeted way possible, so we look at what you find interesting. Based on this, we create personalised advertisements for Facebook and Google, for example. We can also see if you buy anything based on our ads. And if you buy something? Then we will make sure that you will not see any more advertisements for this.


For more details, please also see the Cookie Statement on our website.


Loss of your personal data

Vliegengordijnen Expert B.V. has taken measures to keep any loss of personal data (a data breach) to an absolute minimum. We will inform you immediately if, despite all measures taken, a data breach should occur in which your personal data is lost and serious damage to your privacy is to be expected.


Privacy Officer/DPO

We will do our utmost to implement these regulations properly. If you still feel that this privacy statement does not or does not sufficiently comply with them in practice, you can submit a complaint to us through our Privacy Officer. The Privacy Officer at Vliegengordijnen Expert B.V. is: Ellen Raaijmakers


Personal Data Authority

If you are dissatisfied with the handling of your complaint, you can also contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens)

Vliegengordijnen Expert reserves the right to adapt this privacy statement to the latest developments regarding the GDPR. You will find the most recent version of the privacy statement on our website.


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